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About the Lost Ark Nexus team

Lost Ark Nexus is a group of degenerate gamers. What originally started as a single guide made for a dead class (Sharpshooter) soon spread to other classes like Wardancer, Scouter, and Shadowhunter. With each new class addition, we gained more and more insightful players, helping to expand the guides and improve the template.

Eventually, we reached a point where the guides were so well known that every new class release motivated helpers to make quality guides for the community. Now we have received help from 100+ different players and we are continuing to expand.

Yes, we love to learn from Korea, Inven, Reddit, and many other sources (including the community), but we also do our own extensive testing and theorycrafting with each class to ensure the maximum amount of build combinations (tripods, runes, engravings, etc.) for the community to enjoy the class to the fullest potential.

Since the guides are hosted on Google Docs, the redirecting and management was terrible (and still is). However, this site was born out of the need to easily send resources to other players and has become a useful resource for the community.

This site aims to provide easy navigation to all of the Class Community Guides, Raid Guides, and many other resources that the community utilizes (and maybe even some helpful custom tools in the future). This is to ensure every player can have the most comfortable experience getting rammed by this P2W KMMO grinder.